Prof Dan V Nicolau, Sr

 President – Dan has degrees in Chemical Engineering (PhD, MEng) and in Statistics, Cybernetics & Information Technology (MSc). His research covers (in inverse chronological order), biocomputation and biosimulation, nanodevices powered by protein molecular motors, surface science and engineering, micro- and  nanofabrication for semiconductor and biomedical devices, process modelling and control, protein adsorption. Dan is a Proffesor of Bioengineering with McGill University, the Maria Zelenka-Roy Chair in Bioengineering, and the founding Chair of McGill’s Department of Bioengineering at the Faculty of Engineering. Startin 1st January 2020 Dan is the Editor-in-Chief of  EAAA Transactions on NanoBioscience. 


Dr Falco van Delft

Chief Technology Officer of Molecular Sense Ltd., Falco has a MSc (cum laude) and a PhD in Chemistry, from from Leiden University.” He held previous research position, as a Senior Scientist at the Philips Research Laboratories. He is (co-) author of over 50 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and is a member of the International Program Committee of the Micro- and Nano- Engineering Conference. Falco’s areas of expertise include micro- and nano-fabrication, biomedical application of nanotechnology and interface interactions at the nanoscale, both inorganic and biological in nature. Falco is currently the Principal Investigator of our Reseach Projects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Mrs Carmen Nicolau

CEO, Managing Partner – Carmen has University degrees in Mechanical Engineering (MEng) and Psychology (MS) as well in Management Science. Prior to joining Molecular Sense, Carmen was an entrepreneur in Romania, and she conducted several Projects with European Structural Funds. Carmen is the Project Manager of our research projects.

Prof Dan V Nicolau, Jr

Founding member – Dan Jr has degrees in Electrical Engineering (BEng/Hons), Applied Mathematics (BS, MS) and a doctoral title in Biological Mathematics  (DPhil, Oxford). He was a Miller Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, USA. In the past, he was our CEO, previously the CEO of Altitude Medical, USA. Dan Jr has also a BM BCh from Oxford University Medical School.

Currently, Dan Jr is an ARC Future Fellow and an Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology.